I look so angry hahha thinking about keeping my horns a little more out though ;) #subdermal

Olive Elf

my channel if anyones interested ^-^ i have a new video coming sooooonnn

secondhandfaith said: Ive never seen older photos of you and that one you reblogged recently is a really adorable photo of you your hair is perf (you are always adorable and perf tho never forget that)

Awweee thank you *-* <3

romozian said: I lovveeeeeee you eyes omfg

Thank youuuu <3333 but if you’re referring to my last photo they’re contacts ;)

I need one of these *cries forever *#tawapa


*clenches fists* i just want tattoos

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Pig jumps from truck to escape slaughterhouse in South America.

They don’t WANT to die! Please stop eating them. They’re sentient, they have a will to live. They’re scared and sad and all they want is love, yet all they’ve been shown is cruelty.

How heartbreaking