Feeling like im kinda wasting my life away, had nothing to do today so ive just been on my phone all day, scrolling instagram and facebook…

just seems kinda pointless :/

Maybe its time to avoid them for a bit


Ryan One - Hairline Mandala tattrx.com/artists/ryan-one

Olive Elf

Doing a give away on my page! A little space girl kinda thing! With some cyberdog stuffs ^-^ go like and comment to win :D


Anonymous said: I was curious to the style of jewelry in your high nostrils. I have L shaped nose jewelry in mine and find they flare up easily and can occasionally be uncomfortable. I had heard mixed feelings about labret jewelry being used in them and wondered what you use and your experiences.

Mine are cureved bars ! I was told labrets can be used but they can stick out and get caught easily … They sit super nice behind my plugs so extra comfy :)

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2 today what&#8217;s happening&#160;!? I really liked this make up, so here&#8217;s a better photo of it ^-^ #subdermalhorns #highnostils
Seriously got back into wearing my mesh cage from cyberdog #cyberdog #modifiedgirls