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scorchinglazuli asked: How many piercings do you have? They're all so lovely ; w ;

I have nooooooooooo idea ;) and thank you <3

anxiousfoxx asked: Why only choose one style? Why not blend them all together? :)

Im trying ha but somethings work and some dont and when they dont i just get so put off it ;_; 

I’m so conflicted by styles right now (´・_・`) I really want to wear my tye dyes and basically be a giant hippie and just sit in the garden … But then I loveeeee all my cyberdog stuff and being a kawaii space princess.
So many decisions.
It’s hard mashing it all together, I guess time will tell ?

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Had a Halloween day followed by strange 90s pastel day…? Maybe I’ll have another Halloween day tomorrow! Any excuse to break out the bats and pumpkins!