Totally buying these ^_^ #halloween

Self, no. You do not wear the false eyelashes that you already own. You do not need OMG ADORABLE BATWING STYLED EYELASHES!

gorgeous-and-grotesque said: Hey! If you could get any mod done and the pain factor wouldn't be an issue, what would you get done?

Pain factor is never an issue for me ;) but i would like my eyeballs tattooed at some point


Halloween Pumpkins Expressions

i keep getting messages asking me to participate in shows on body mods and such.

I reply the same thing every damn time no!

The first one i reordered stuff for, which they claimed was about ‘young people wanting to change their bodies and such’

Turned out to be a show about people not being happy with there bodies..

Which I’m glad they didn’t use the footage


Ive been asked to go on that dumb ass channel 4 show where the chick just basically hates mods and tells everyone they’re going to regret it.

Ive seen you show and it made me mad so no thank you.

These shows have an awful way of twisting what your saying and making you look like an idiot 

Every time I wear the white out lenses I get a tone of questions so I’m making a super quick video on them :)





People always tell me my cat has the most beautiful eyes

That cat swallows souls

That cat sees universes.